What is Hack Week?

Nouns Hack Week is happening NOW through April 2nd, all across the internet. Nouns is encouraging builders to build something Nounish this week and rewarding everyone with 99 ETH in prizes!!!

Build something this week - an MVP, a first design, a video, an art piece, a physical product. You must have done something this week - this isn't just a proposal round!

There are three prize tracks - submit your week's work to one of these three, as well as a grand prize to earn even more.

  • Developers (10 prizes of 3 ETH)

  • Art, Design, and Media (10 x 2 ETH)

  • IRL and Other Weird Stuff (10 x 2 ETH)

Grand Prizes:

  • New Nouns Contributors (never been funded) - two grand prizes of 6 ETH

  • Existing Nouns Contributors (currently funded) - two grand prizes of 6 ETH

Follow Along!

You can follow along with Hack Week through Twitter and Discord: